United Northstar Fidget Spinner: Brass



This is an extremely limited edition spinner of ours designed with the implementation of Tritium vials (not included) in mind. It includes three sets of aluminum buttons unique to this spinner in colors red, black and blue.


  • Brass Body
  • Hybrid Ceramic Bearing: Abec #5 .1875 x .500 x .196 inches
  • Removable Buttons for easy cleaning
  • Precision machined bearing housing that is .001" larger than the bearing allowing for no added stress on the bearing whilst keeping the bearing centered. The bearing comes glued in and can be removed by soaking the body in Acetone. 
  • (8) 1.5mm x 6mm Tritium Vial slots, the vials are NOT included. The vials can be ordered here: http://www.mixglo.com/store/p2/T1_1.5x6mm_Vials.html
Weight without bearing: 48 grams
Dimensions: 2" long x 1" wide at it's widest point x .500" from button to button 
Recommended Cleaning Procedure: The entire spinner can be cleaned with soap and water with the buttons removed, finish by blowing the bearing out with compressed air.
All sales are final unless a manufacturing defect is present.
Available units: 12