Bead Blasted Tungsten Copper United Mini Fidget Spinner


These are a few select bead blasted versions of the Limited Edition run.

Limited Edition 150 units Tungsten Copper Mini Spinner. Each spinner is individually serialized.


  • The body is 75% Tungsten/ 25% Copper. It will patina to a darker hue.
  • Bead Blasted Body
  • Hybrid Ceramic Bearing: .3125" x .125" x .109"
  • *Please Note*: These Bearings come dry and as such noise and feedback/roughness is increased. We have tested each bearing in our other mini spinners before installing them in these. These bearings are the best quality we can supply. If you want a smoother spinner we recommend lubricating the bearing which will decrease spin times. We make no spin time claims as every bearing is different and these were never designed with high spin times in mind, rather something discreet that can be fidgeted with.
  • Unique spiral concave buttons with small grooves for enhanced grip made from 6061 Aluminum and Anodized Purple. These buttons are exclusive to the Tungsten Copper version. No other button colors are available. The buttons from our other mini spinners do fit this spinner as well.
  • The bearing is super glued in against a machined shoulder ensuring absolute accuracy. The bearing can be removed by unscrewing the buttons and soaking the body in acetone.
  • Dimensions: .975" Diameter x .630" Wide (from button to button)
  • Weight of body minus bearing & buttons: 60 Grams

We update stock as these spinners have gone through inspection. If it is sold out check back as we will be updating stock until they are completely sold out.

All sales are final.

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